World of La Note Parisienne

Private collection of perfumed candles

Stemming from research into the history of the scents of Paris, this premier collection encapsulates the unique aromas of the city. Six distinctive fragrances have been blended to value the particular characteristics of each of our chosen Arrondissements.

A marriage of superior quality wax and exceptional savoir faire allows La Note Parisienne to exude the sophisticated atmosphere of the city.

Every candle is the result of luxury craftsmanship evident throughout the production process, starting with the meticulous preparation of the wax and continuing until the hand pouring of the finished article in our own workshops.

La Note Parisienne offers an extraordinary, multi-sensory experience through candles inspired by the history, symbols and monuments of Arrondissements in the City of Light that is Paris.

"The city burns within an ocean of fragrances. Fire and show, Paris is discovering its scents."

Florent Martine t Louis Aka